The house of o Retorno

Mazairas Street is the main commercial and communication artery that joins the town square - the nerve center of Viana since the Modern Age - with Nicolás Tenorio Street and the A Gudiña road. Apparently, in the past, it was adorned with apple trees, hence its name.
The house of O Retorno is one of the most original houses on this street because it has its main facade in the corner of the building. Of urban typology, it was built between party walls in the year 1893, a golden age for the economy of Viana.

The main door has a door with moulded doorjambs and a lintel that is finished in height with a semicircular skylight finished in a keystone with vegetal decoration. The three decorative corbels protruding from the facade stand out in the form of ribbed prisms finished in volutes that support the glazed gallery on the main floor.

The king's son-in-law left his hiding place thanked the old woman and left (...) He walked and passed through the village of the apple trees. He ordered the Town Hall to be named and said: 
- How much would you pay me if I make the apple trees once again produce as many apples as before?
- Ask what you want. Ask what you want, he answered. 
- Well, you're going to give me two donkeys loaded with money.
- That's no problem; now firstly you have to prove it.
The king's son-in-law dug into the root of the apple tree, killed the two mice, and the apple tree once again started to give apples. And with that they gave him the two donkeys laden with money and he went on his way.
Laureano Prieto
Contos Vianeses (1958)