Chapel of Cemetery

Its facade appears oriented to the south, which supposes an anomaly in the norm, as Catholic temples must have an East-West orientation, as is demonstrated by other religious buildings in Viana. Therefore its construction had to be object of an ecclesiastical dispensation, which is a very exceptional and rare circumstance.
"The cemetery of Viana has a central passage that leads from the door to the opposite end, where there is an enclosure to bury the dissidents. Also in a quadrilateral shape, and on both sides, the land area dedicated for graves is extended. To the right and left of the entrance there are several pantheons that are attached to the wall and belong as property to the wealthiest families of the town
(...) The pantheons are the exception; the usual thing is that graves are buried in the ground, and quite deep; in them they deposit the corpses, covering them with earth, and those families that do not want that their dead ones are confused with the others indicate the grave with a big and square tombstone (...) "
Nicolás Tenorio
The Galician village
Cádiz 1914