Bugallal Manor house

The building that today houses the Casa do Concello (Town hall) was built in 1882. In it lived Adelaida García-Flores, born in Viana do Bolo in the mid-nineteenth century, daughter of Castor García Flórez, a landowner who was a senator and deputy in several legislatures by the conservative party.

Adelaida married the journalist, lawyer and politician from Saturnino Álvarez Bugallal (1834-1885), who became Minister of Grace and Justice, with Cánovas of Castillo, being King Alfonso XII. Saturnino also served as Prosecutor of Printing, a kind of censor of the opinions of people of liberal and republican ideology.

The Manor house of Bugallal was one of the residences of Doña Adelaida and her family, a high benefactor of the town, who contributed to the foundation of the Municipal Library and the School of Primary Education. She received the title of Countess of Bugallal in the year 1896 from the hand of Queen María Cristina de Habsburgo, wife of Alfonso XII.

Starting with Carlos Ares. Illustrious (2014). 
The house Bugallal is an urban palace of neoclassic style located between Boavista and Constitution Streets. It stands out due to the covered area that communicates both streets, which develops in large part through a covered granite stairway with a significant slope. Equipped with three levels, the building has a restrained design and is contained in the ornamental, where only the large overhanging balcony stands out which overlooks the northeast. In the interior it emphasizes a stone ladder of double section that allows access to a raised floor.