Chapel of Saint Roque

Built in 1892, it is one of the two private chapels that exist in the town, undoubtedly, promoted by some of the nobles who lived there. Thanks to Vicente Risco (Geography of The Kingdom of Galicia, 1936) we know that it is most likely dedicated to Saint Roque.

It appears delimited by a railed wall and it displays a small nave of rectangular floor plan that finishes in a higher apse, and covered by a gabled roof.

Baroque style, the façade, carved in stonework, stands out for its ruffled boundaries, which protrude from the level of the facade by means of compositions and motifs based on curves, balls, pinnacles and buttresses.
Inside, a private balcony located on the main altar calls our attention. It is accessed from the north wall of the temple, designed for the exclusive worship of its wealthy promoters.

It stopped being used a few years after the Second Vatican Council (1962-1965).

... I saw a dance composed of eight boys, dressed in white and scarlet costumes, imitating something that the old court servants used, a dance that was organized for the feast of Saint Roque, Patron Saint of the village (...) From them I collected the following: ...) Oh, Saint Roque, adored, the old man, the servant, the married man, the orphan, the helpless, the one-eyed, the one-armed, the crippled, you've all consoled.
May your name be praised that you have healed so many people;
Deliver us from all plagues, save the people of Viana that we invoke you contrite.
Nicolás Tenorio
The Galician village
Cádiz 1914