House of the Ribeira Lookout

Large house built between party walls designed in the form of group complex. Protected by a gabled roof, it has two wooden galleries facing East, the most prominent one, which rests on a granite column, is of Tuscan order and conical section. This is distributed in a total of nine bands of identical design divided by columns with braided shafts. Each of these bands has an openwork window framed with rhombuses and mirrors and a carved face in its centre; on it, a sash window of four sections and, in the coronation, a rectangular skylight with geometric and naturalistic designs.

"Mountain ranges! Fields alone in the sun!... The sun goes down facing us, like a father, by the flower of the marsh; Passing through O Couto… by the riverbeds and the sand of A Seara... Passing through Serra do Rebolo and Carreiro do Sono, Xosé de Parada goes towards Viana do Bolo and Valdeorras, going up and down slopes... coming and going in a dream..."

Uxío Novoneira
Os Eidos Terras outas e soias do Courel (1952-1954)