Boavista street manor house

It stands on the corner between Buena Vista and Santo Cristo streets and presents more than 100 m2 per floor. It has three facades, a main one that houses the coat of arms, which is fixed to a monumental granite pilaster that fastens the building vertically, and two secondary ones, one of which locates a beautiful granite exterior staircase.
The building uses well carved granite stonework and is squared in the corners, as well as in the contour of the doors and windows. In the canopies they opted for masonry slabs of lower quality. It emphasizes the access door located under a lintel with a segmental arch and, over it, an elegant covered overhanging balcony to which it is acceded through an embrasure. Very close are three windows of two beams surpassed by a lintel, and a rectangular window is located above.

"At last I was going to find out who that Tristan had been with whom I share my name. When he reached the end of the story, with the death of both lovers, Tristán García shed a few tears. And since that moment he began to think that while he was going around the world he found a woman named Isolde, and they liked each other, and they became lovers, and they married, and they lived very happily in Viana do Bolo, where Tristán was native "

Álvaro Cunqueiro
Semblances III (1975)